6 Blockchain & Crypto Companies in Malta


Malta is among the newest yet fastest-growing centers for crypto and blockchain companies. The country is also anticipated to become a magnet for blockchain and crypto companies globally through top-down initiatives led by Joseph Muscat – the Prime Minister.

This island has attracted a few of the world’s largest crypto exchanges to the shores and is in talks with potential investors. With clear regulations, supportive government, and low corporate taxes, this island is quickly becoming the top center for crypto entrepreneurs and a home for the following blockchain companies:

1. Blockchain Malta Company

In the crypto industry, Blockchain Malta Company has played an important role. It participates in the cryptocurrencies and Blockchain associated with summits and events.

The company also collaborates with the Maltese government to boost the overall growth of the cryptocurrency economy.


2. Binance

Binance is among the world’s largest crypto exchanges. It recently moved its headquarters to Malta because of the government’s openness to the Blockchain.

Established recently, the company supports many of the world’s leading altcoins, cryptocurrencies, and its native token, BNB (Binance Coin). The Binance labs are also a social impact fund and initiative to invest, empower, and incubate cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, communities, and investors.

3. Ledger Projects

This is one of the Malta-based startups hoping to develop distributed ledger applications for businesses and cryptocurrency companies. The company was the first to spread the ledger application, an important asset for institutional investors.

The company also seeks accreditation by the Digital Innovation Authority to continue developing DLT.

4. HashCash Consultants

HashCash Consultants is a US blockchain consulting firm. Cryptocurrency advisors, such as Christian Ellul, suggest that this company’s products enable entrepreneurs to settle payments and move assets across borders in real time through blockchain technology.

Financial entities like FinTech companies, currency exchanges, and banks use the HC NET for corporate payments, retail remittances, payment processing, and trade finance.

5. Yovo

This is the first tokenized mobile network in the world. The company has recently relocated its global headquarters to Malta. It is progressively developing its unique mobile platform, allowing users to buy YO tokens to settle phone bills.

Moreover, you can earn tokens on the Yovo network by performing daily tasks such as downloading apps and browsing the web.

6. Learning Machine

The learning machine is a Malta-based company that stores records and online learning achievements in Blockchain.

The company’s team has validated the record’s true nature and paved the way for the Maltese government to track every user’s learning methodology.

The Bottom Line!

Malta is renowned as a world-class tourist island where travelers can explore various natural and historical attractions. The island has been making some headlines lately for another reason – cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The island has become a haven for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. It has provided a stable framework for companies to launch their ICOs, making the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets emerge and become even stronger.