Amaravati: Farmers thank Naidu for actual estate growth


Motkuri Brahmayya, a septuagenarian farmer from Malkapuram village, is a satisfied old man. Malkapuram is one of the 29 villages that form the center of the capital town of Amaravati. He gave his 8-acre fertile land underneath the land pooling gadget to the Capital Region Area Development Authority (CRDA). He acquired eight 000 square yards of an industrial vicinity within the equal village and receives an annuity of Rs 50,000 according to an acre of land he has pooled. “If Naidu returns to strength, he’ll maintain what he has started out,” Brahmayya informed DH. “But if YS Jaganmohan Reddy wins the elections, he’s going to prevent growing the areas where farmers have not pooled land and stored it with themselves.”

The farmer and his relatives’ circle no longer sold the land as a few others did, and they decided to maintain it. “Few sold the land and made cash. But we need to wait as the fee for a hundred rectangular yards shot up to Rs 36 lakh,” he said. The contrast within the panorama of the capital place that one unearths after they enter the capital from Rayapudi is because a few surpassed over the land while others didn’t. The land that becomes surrendered to the CRDA is barren as no crops had been grown from 2017 simultaneously as those who nonetheless personal the ground are growing 3 crops in 12 months.


“The inception of Amaravati with brand new infrastructure has harmed the actual real estate business close by Vijayawada,” said Sekhar, a realtor in Kishtayapalem. “An acre of land fee is around Rs 3 to five cr inside the CRDA region. All the ones who had invested in the land right here even before the land became pooled made money.” As the landscape of the capital modifications and structures arise, together with the Secretariat, the High Court, the housing complex for the MLAs and officers, and the six-lane seed get admission to the avenue, there’s confidence in the minds of farmers who sacrificed their land for the improvement of the kingdom.

“I have continually dreamed of owning a strong horse,” stated Appayya, a farmer from Velagapudi. “After land pooling, I offered the part of the land I got and fulfilled my dream.” However, now, not absolutely everyone is glad. Venkateshwara Reddy of Kistayapalem said that the most effective temporary structures had been built via Naidu’s authorities within 5 years. “Farmers are sitting idle,” Reddy stated. “We used to harvest 3 plants a year as all of the lands is at the riverfront, and there are masses of water.”

Thousands of human beings might not be able to record their earnings tax returns this year without fault, attributable to a problem of PAN playing cards not accepting the initials in someone’s call. A document in The Hindu says that the PAN software program, which is 30 years old, isn’t always like-minded with the Aadhaar system, which uses biometric authentication and, therefore, the use of initials in their call. PAN, alternatively, does now not because of the dated software program used to manage the database. The Income Tax department said it has no approach to the problem, leaving several human beings in a lurch.

An official from the department stated that this problem has persevered since the beginning of the PAN-Aadhaar linkage, with the old software used to manipulate PAN now not accepting the initials of its holders. The reliable said that the range of people affected tiers is within the tens of thousands, and it is extra mentioned in south India because the names right here are lengthy and abbreviated in many instances. However, the legitimate ruled out any instantaneous plans of upgrading the PAN software, saying it’s far a touchy issue because it allows the branch to apply PAN records to track a person through the years. He also said people should change their Aadhaar playing cards to mirror their PAN playing cards.