How iGaming Has Changed Over The Years


There are numerous forms of gaming where iGaming represents the games played in the casinos or bookmakers with slots, poker, sports betting, and other options. It’s a part of the casino from the start, but the name wasn’t so popular until the last decade when online gambling became a huge thing.

During the pandemic, many people switched to an online casino, which was a significant change in the industry. It was a positive one because people could play in the comfort of their own homes, and casinos had to implement new things and push their websites. It became a priority for them to make their websites faster and better.

The popularity of online gambling forced casinos to add new games to their offers, and we now have thousands of them available for everyone. The types of games available will depend on the website, so it can take a bit of research to find what you want.


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Grounded Casinos

A couple of decades ago, we didn’t have online casinos where we could play hundreds of slot games. Instead, we had only one we could play when visiting a casino, and they didn’t have many options. Sometimes, they would have only one game per machine, which was also fun at that time, but you wanted to switch them after playing a few times.

Years later, the first digital slots were introduced, and because of their digital element, they can be considered the first iGaming machines. They had multiple games with interesting features and were far more appealing than traditional machines. Everything changed with the internet and when casinos realized how much money they could make online.

The first online casino opened in 1994, but it wasn’t optimized properly. Nowadays, thousands of games are available, but not on a single website. Most popular casinos have a few hundred games dating from the 2010s. Choosing what to play can be a bit overwhelming, but at least there’s something for everyone.

Gaming Providers in 2023

It’s great that gaming providers are constantly looking for new game ideas and designs. Around 20 great manufacturers that make these games are probably considered IT companies. Each has a different style, so you can easily distinguish them.

The features also changed over the years as the coding became more complex, but there are also new gaming formats we didn’t have a few years ago. What we can see more of in 2022 and 2023 are live streaming games where you have a person leading the game like a croupiere and people betting online.

Crypto casinos are also relatively new and need to be regulated, but they still have millions of players. Crypto casinos can be the future of casinos, but there are a few great ideas that will come to the spotlight in the next 10 years. Until then, crypto will have an advantage over regular casinos because of the safety of personal information.

Future of iGaming

The future is bright for iGaming, considering it’s always going with and implementing the technology. A great example is that they already tried to implement it in VR but failed because the whole VR industry needs an upgrade. Technology isn’t at the point where people will use it daily.

Virtual reality will become an ordinary thing in the next decade as more money is invested in the industry and affordable headsets are made available. One thing is for sure: There will be more games each year.

When changing the games, you can expect that some will feel more like games you are playing on a PC instead of regular slots. There are already some of them where you have a character that you control.