Make Calculating Employee Earnings Easy, With an Online Paystub Template


Many employers provide pay stubs to their employees attached to their physical paychecks. However, not all states and businesses are required to do so. Especially for small businesses, pay stubs are not always the norm. But employees need these as they are essentially records of employment.

When applying for housing, these are needed to rent or get a mortgage on a loan. They are required for other types of loan applications, too. Are you a small business owner looking for an online pay stub template for your employees? Wondering how to easily make a paystub and why you need to start providing them? Keep reading for all the answers.

Employee Earnings

What Is a Pay Stub?

Pay stubs are records of employment and income. They are essential documents that people need for many functions in society.

Pay stubs contain the employee’s information, the date a check was issued, and the dates worked. They also have the employer’s information.

Other important information is tracked on pay stubs, such as taxes paid, employee contributions made, the hourly pay rate, and deductions for insurance. You will usually see the gross annual pay as well.

Why Are Pay Stubs Important?

Pay stubs are important for many reasons. For starters, they provide a paper trail of employment and income. This is important for both the employee and the employer. Records of payment always need to be tracked.

People need paystubs to provide proof of income to get housing. Whether applying for a mortgage to buy a house or lease an apartment, employees need to prove they make enough money to cover the monthly cost.

Other loans, such as personal or car loans, will require pay stubs. You need to file taxes every year, too, right? Pay stubs have all of the information you need to make filing easy.

If you ever plan to become a foster or adoptive parent, you must verify your income using paystubs. There’s no reason not to provide paystubs for your employees. Using a printable pay stub template, you can make this process easy.

How to Use an Online Paystub Template

There’s no need to pay for an accountant to provide pay stubs for your team. Using an easy pay stub template, you can have professional records of employee income in seconds.

There are many options for paystub samples for your business. Various color options, layouts, and the ability to upload your company logo make using a paystub template very convenient.

Sure, most of your employees don’t care about receiving pay stubs. But they will need them at some point and be very grateful that they already have them. This is much better than them requesting them on short notice.

Save Time With a Pay Stub Generator

If you haven’t provided your employees with pay stubs yet, it’s time to take a simple step forward in professionalism by generating them. Save time and use an online pay stub template for easy, efficient income tracking.

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