Rodriguez: Chicago Fire Not Concerned About Chicago USL Plans

In recent comments, Chicago Fire president Nelson Rodriguez dismissed concerns over a proposed Chicago USL team and stadium’s potential effect on the club.

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5 Secrets for Improving Employee Satisfaction


71% of executives state that employee engagement is critical to the company’s success. Having happy and satisfied employees will help them stay focused and engaged with your company. That can only do good things for healthy business growth.

Read on for expert tips on how to improve employee satisfaction, for the benefit of both the employees themselves and the company as a whole.

How To Increase Employee Satisfaction

Any good manager should consider how to improve employee satisfaction regularly. Keeping employees happy and motivated within their roles is what encourages people to work harder and stay with a company for longer.

Here are five top tips for improving employee satisfaction that you can start working on today.

Joyful colleagues planning work at briefing

Promote Inclusivity

A team lead or manager thinking about ‘how to increase satisfaction on my team’ is already on the right track. Putting those good intentions into action should always start with an inclusive workplace.

Inclusivity starts with non-discriminatory hiring practices. It then needs to continue by giving every employee space to express themselves without judgment. Publish clear rules on discrimination to make sure every employee knows they are supported.

Location Flexibility

2020 showed us that remote working is a possibility. 77% of remote workers reported an increase in their productivity. Listening to employees about what they need to be the best at their jobs helps them to feel appreciated and in control of their own time.

If you’re keen to improve employee productivity, simply ask your team what they want. Giving them the flexibility to work from home is a way of giving them autonomy over their own roles. That will go a long way in helping to improve employee satisfaction.

Ample Benefits

Making sure your company ticks every box for basic employee benefits is a simple necessity. To really make a difference in employee satisfaction, you need to go above and beyond.

Going the extra mile, like providing real pay stubs for income proof, makes life easier for your employees. The more you do for your employees, the more they will do for you.

Set Boundaries

A trap many companies fall into is making their business like a family for their employees. A truly supportive company also works to make sure their employees have a healthy work/life balance.

When looking at how to increase business employee satisfaction, making sure they have enough separation between their work and their personal lives is vital.

Listen to Employee’s Personal Goals

Nothing works better to improve employee happiness than hearing what they want from their job. Commit to helping your employees achieve their personal development goals, like getting the next promotion, learning new skills, or whatever else it might be.

Set up regular meetings where they can express their goals. Let them know that you will do everything you can to support them – and then follow through. Actions always speak louder than words.

Now that you’re an expert on improving employee satisfaction, you’re probably looking for more tips to boost your business growth. Browse through other articles in our business section.