Top Crypto Gaming Companies In 2023


Crypto gaming took off a few years ago when Axie Infinity became popular, but even before that, we had a few options that weren’t so great at the beginning. The idea behind these games was to have anything interesting for players that can be considered as a game but also to include a specific cryptocurrency as the primary in-game currency.

Gaming and crypto are closely related because it’s also implemented in iGaming in the online casino, which changed the whole industry. Many popular streamers and celebrities started to gamble on these websites and play their games with crypto, which led to more people joining them.

F1 Delta Time

Formula One Launching Blockchain Game 'F1 Delta Time' |

Most of the games that are crypto-related have some kind of collection goal that players have to achieve in order to make money. This game is exactly what the name suggests. You are able to collect formula 1 cars. But you can also trade them and race with the cards you own, which is the first racing crypto game available.

Because they are considered NFTs, they are stored in the ETH blockchain, which means that you will have to convert your BTC or other cryptocurrencies in order to buy your first car. The game has existed for a couple of years now, but many things have changed from the start.

There are a few ways you can make money from it, including trading, selling, buying cars, and winning tournaments. The value of a certain car can go up over time, especially if you win a lot. There’s also a referral program that you can apply to, but don’t expect to earn a fortune from it.


Decentraland: A Pioneer in the Open Metaverse Category | Everyrealm

Decentraland was a huge thing when it was released because the concept was very interesting. The whole point was to make a real virtual world where the main currency is MANA. You could create your own property and items inside it and place it for sale if you want. Some of the items in the game were sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The player count is much lower nowadays compared to the beginning, but that happened to every crypto game. The reason might be the downfall of some currencies and too much bad news surrounding the crypto industry, but this might change in the near future.

It’s probably the best idea behind a crypto game because people are looking for something where they can interact with everything. Virtual reality is definitely a part of our future, and it will be interesting to see what it will look like in the upcoming years.

Crypto Kitties

What Is CryptoKitties, and Is It Worth Playing? | Tom's Guide

If you want to relax your brain from the hardcore games you are used to, crypto kitties is the right game for you. It’s a beautiful game where you can buy, collect, sell, and breed kittens. Like other collecting games, everything is stored on ETH because they are made into NFTs.

Besides selling and breeding them to make money, there are some special breeds that have the ability to increase in value over time. You won’t be able to money a profit right away because it takes some time to breed valuable ones, but it’s a great way to waste some free time. One interesting fact is that one of the cats is worth over $300 000.


Introducing Splinterlands Validator Nodes and Licenses

If you don’t want to play a game that is on the ETH blockchain, Splinterlands is using DEC tokens. It’s a fighting game where players can make their own characters and compete with other players. Like the F1 game, there are tournaments where you can win prizes in the form of cryptocurrency.

Besides winning tournaments, there are rewards that you can get by finishing daily quests. This also means that you can only make some money if you play the game every day. They are also in the form of NFTs, meaning that you can trade the fighters. It’s quite an appealing game that you can play for an hour a day until you finish the quests.