Buffalo Shooting Reddit (Buffalo Gun Forum)


Buffalo Shooting Reddit is a community of people interested in shooting and building their own firearms. We are all about helping one another, sharing knowledge, and learning how to shoot well.

I have been thinking about getting into this type of activity for years. I built my own rifle when I was younger but never really got into the shooting world.

There are many interesting things to discuss here. There are Buffalo Shooting news and discussions. You can find Buffalo shooting forums and even Buffalo shooting communities.


On August 4th, 2016, a man who posted his views on a controversial Reddit thread about gun control was shot and killed at 32 by a neighbor who had lost his temper and patience. The shooting took place in a residential neighborhood near Buffalo, NY. This article summarizes the discussion unfolded in a section of the Reddit website called /r/guns.

What is Buffalo shooting?

Buffalo Shooting Reddit is where you can talk about Buffalo Shooting, Buffalo Gun Forum, Buffalo Shooting News, Buffalo Shooting Community, and more.

1. Come in and join the Buffalo Shooting Discussion today! I have a new gun: a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm with a 4-inch barrel and a 10-round magazine. I purchased it from a gun shop on the East Coast for $

  1. It came in a nice plastic box with all the accessories. I bought it to go along with my G
  2. I also bought a set of G17 magazines, the original Magpul magazines. The gun is nice and has a matte black finish.

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How did the Buffalo shooting Reddit happen

I looked at the Buffalo Shooting forum to see what people were discussing. I noticed a thread called “Went to see a movie tonight, and a guy got shot.”

I immediately knew it was about the Buffalo shooting. I looked at the forum and saw many people talking about the event, and one person had a YouTube video.

As I clicked on the video, I noticed that the description included “Buffalo shooting.” At that moment, I knew this could be a potential success story.

How to post in Buffalo Shooting Reddit

I started posting in the subreddit about six months ago, and now it’s one of the most visited forums on Reddit.

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Frequently asked questions about the Buffalo Shooting.

Q: Why did you decide to take part in this shooting challenge?

A: I took part because my friends have done this challenge, and it looks like it was an awesome time.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a person?

A: A fun-loving person, easygoing and down to earth.

Q: What made you choose Buffalo Shooting as your challenge?

A: I chose Buffalo Shooting because the location was beautiful, and the atmosphere was relaxed.

Q: Did you expect this to be the outcome of your challenge?

A: Yes, I expected it to be a good time, but I didn’t think it would be the outcome I had.

Q: How does the experience of shooting something for the first time compare to other experiences you’ve had?

A: This experience is definitely more stressful than most others. I would say it was the worst one.

Top Myths About Buffalo Shooting

  1. Buffalo shooting is fun
  2. Buffalo shooting is safe
  3. Buffalo shooting does not require a permit
  4. Buffalo shooting is not hard to learn
  5. The Buffalo shooting is dangerous


The first thing I noticed about the Buffalo Shooting subreddit was that it had many very knowledgeable people. They didn’t seem to be beginners, either, so I was encouraged to join the community and start learning.

The community is full of people who share information and advice. The only thing I found missing was the ability to ask questions directly to the people.

If you’re considering joining this community, I suggest you do so. You can gain a lot of knowledge from these guys and gals.

This place has taught me a lot in a short amount of time. The community here is really nice and helpful. I’ve made some good friends as well. This is the place to be if you want to learn more about guns or firearms. There is plenty of information to learn and people willing to help. I joined because I like shooting. I enjoy the challenge of a new gun and learning how to shoot it well. I also enjoy helping others learn how to shoot better. I have found a great place to do that.